JDRF’s reputation as one of the most effective advocacy organizations in Washington, D.C. is a direct result of the personal relationships our advocates and their families around the country have developed over time with their Members of Congress in state and local district offices, as well as on Capitol Hill.

The Promise to Remember Me Campaign, which began in 2000, is all about building these relationships, and each campaign has been more successful than the last.  During the campaign, we encourage families and those with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to visit their lawmakers while they are at home.

It is vitally important for your Members of Congress – regardless of political party and regardless of whether they are a Representative or a Senator – to hear firsthand about living with Type 1. Your personal stories will form a bond with the Federal legislator you are meeting, and in the long run, can help motivate them to action.

The biennial Promise Campaign focuses on helping you meet with your lawmakers and telling your own story. Just last year, through the most recent iteration of the Promise Campaign, 458 total meetings took place!

Tell your Members of Congress: Promise to Remember Me!

To learn more, or to get involved, please visit:  promise.jdrf.org.

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