December 10, 2013

Earlier today the Advocacy team was pleased to send an email out to all JDRF Advocates to share some breaking news related to one possible pathway for a Special Diabetes Program (SDP)renewal. In case you missed the email, see the details here with you now. And as always, be among the first to hear about important developments in funding T1D research by signing up to be a JDRF advocate.

This Thursday, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee will mark up a bill that would permanently address the reimbursement rates for doctors who treat Medicare patients. The bill will include the renewal of other programs, including a five-year extension of the Special Diabetes Program at the current funding level of $150 million.

JDRF is very grateful to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Baucus and Ranking Member Hatch for their leadership in advancing this proposal. We are also very grateful to Senators Collins (ME) and Shaheen (NH), and Representatives Whitfield (KY), DeGette (CO), Reed (NY) and Becerra (CA) for their leadership on SDP support letters to their respective leaders that were signed by a total of 76 Senators and 337 Representatives. The Advocacy team also appreciates all of the great work by JDRF volunteers across the country, which helped build broad bipartisan support for the SDP renewal. Thank you!!

While this week’s action is good news, much hard work and uncertainty lies ahead. Thursday’s markup will not include the program cuts needed to pay for the overall cost of the proposal (expected to be at least $150 billion), which will be difficult for Congress to locate. Many legislative scenarios are still possible in December and early next year. Your dedication to the cause is greatly appreciated  by JDRF Advocacy! Please keep up your work on the Promise Campaign  and we will be back in touch immediately if additional advocacy actions are needed.

Don’t forget to sign-up to be a JDRF Advocate and be the first to receive important real-time updates like the one sent out earlier today. Thank you again for all you do for the type 1 diabetes community, but remember, our work isn’t done, so please stay tuned for where you can help next.

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